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Musician, Singer & Songwriter • Giver

David Poindexter, a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He also has a Masters Certification in Project Management from George Washington University.  For his first nine years in the corporate sector, David's eclectic career included telecommunications, project/proposal management, business analysis and software development/architecture.  Since 2007, David's primary focus has been pursuing his entrepreneurial aspirations in his role as President & CEO of nvisionative, Incnvisionative is a Creative Marketing and Web Development agency located in Mooresville, North Carolina. 


David has been an active member of the DNN community since its inception.  His early development of popular iBuySpy modules made a perfect segue into the iBuySpy Workshop and subsequent DotNetNuke world.  David's most recent efforts are focused on his commercial LMS module, DNN + Hotcakes Commerce development, serving a leading role in the DNN Summit, Southern Fried DNN Users Group and the DNN Training Working Group.


David is proud father of his one daughter.  And to many people‚Äôs surprise in the DNN community, he is an avid and accomplished musician, singer, songwriter and producer.  So don't hesitate to engage in a music related conversation.  Music is his true passion!

DNN Archive Releases, OSS, and Answering the Call

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DNN Archive Releases, OSS, and Answering the Call

If you’ve been paying attention you know that DNN Corp recently released the DNN archives to the community on GitHub.  However, those archives were missing releases and I was one of the first to ask for updates to the new archives. As DNN has been focusing more on empowering the DNN Community, I took this an opportunity to activate and take them up on that offer.  The end result is a re-release of the DNN archives on GitHub from DNN 9.x all the way back to the beginning with 1.x.